The Story of La Vierge

Long ago, before time was divided into seconds, hours and days, a single garden contained creation. A man and a woman walked in shaded valleys, laughed with the animals, ate from fruitful trees and it was good. Adam was handsome as the sun; Eve alluring as the moon. Everything was balmy innocence, wonder and joy, when along came a slithering serpent with a taste for apples. The original salesman, the serpent sold the apples and Adam and Eve traded paradise for a two-for-one deal. The good-looking couple was banished from the garden and tasked with starting the human race. While they were busy, time rolled on. Continents collided, and tore apart. As the earth heaved and plunged, the first garden of creation was flung in pieces far into a new ocean.

Time kept on rolling. Ancient seafarers, great grandchildren of the handsome Adam and alluring Eve, discovered a beautiful island in the middle of the Indian Ocean and believed this to be the lost paradise of Eden. Praslin’s white sandy beaches lapped at primal palm forests where the Coco-de Mer tree bore a strange and provocative fruit shaped like a woman.

The soft breezes on the island whispered about times long gone, about a handsome man loving an alluring woman with a hibiscus flower in her hair. They whispered of Eden being scattered and how Praslin, with her sensuous fruit was only part of paradise found. The mariners listened and asked the breezes to tell them more.

And so they heard of a place poised between heaven and earth. A place where cool hills reach down to the sea and the fertile soil of the first garden nourishes another provocative fruit.

At La Vierge we agree with Oscar Wilde when he says, “The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it”.