It's no secret that men and women communicate differently. Chances of picking up an argument due to miscommunication in your relationship now and then are pretty good. Certain statistics presented that in fact 82% of couples, happy or not, wish their partner was more willing to share feelings…that are a lot of dissatisfaction!


Whether you’ve had a rough day at work, a stressful week or your significant other just isn’t cutting it, and you want a truly great companion, there’s one cure for it all: Wine… It always opens right up, no nagging necessary.


1. Wine puts you in charge of the remote control

There are certain things you just don’t want to share with someone, and a remote control after a tough day is one of them. Wine let you watch whatever you want, whenever you want without complaining.


2. Wine has an adaptable personality

It is part of being human to worry what other people think. It's not easy feat to get your significant other to like your friends, and vice versa. Inviting wine to a party is the way to go. WINE LIKES ALL YOUR FRIENDS, AND THEY ALL LIKE WINE! You can take it anywhere and it will never have a problem fitting in. Best of all is that wine never makes you choose between it and your friends. People only come with one personality, which isn't always what you want to be around, but wine comes in various diverse flavors. Tired of Pinot Noir? Switch to Chardonnay. Or maybe a Sauvignon Blanc. There are so many types of wine to choose from.


3. Wine is never jealous

If you want to spend the night with something more dangerous, like whiskey, wine is totally OK with you fooling around with other alcohols. No matter what happens or how foolish you get, wine will always be there for you afterwards.


4. You can always count on wine

You can't always count on a person to be there for you, but you can always count on wine as it is there for your highest highs and lowest lows. Whether your ex got married, you crashed the car or you need to celebrate some big news, wine will go anywhere with you. Seriously, you are not going to get better than wine.


5. Wine will make you dinner by just existing

Don’t feel like making dinner? Bottoms up, because wine is what’s for dinner.


6. Wine thinks you’re a great dancer

Let's face it, not everyone is going to be happy to dance with you, but wine will never leave you alone on the dance floor. You will dance like there is no tomorrow without stepping on someone’s toes.


7. Wine will give you some space

There is a song lyric that says ‘If you give me some room there will be room enough for two’ with wine you can decide when you need your space and when you don’t. It won’t take it offensively, besides it doesn’t matter if the glass is half empty or half full. There is clearly room for more wine.


8. Wine never judges

Whether you feel like ordering an extra large pizza, lying in bed the whole day or even feel like singing along to one of Justin Bieber’s songs. You can get really weird around wine , and it will never ever care.


9. Wine is never “too tired”

Wine will go with you where ever you want to go without making sloppy excuses or complaining about it. There is nothing worse than being really excited about something and having to cancel or reschedule the plans. Wine by your side equals best relationship ever.


10. Wine gets better with age

Wine gets better and better as the years go by. While many relationships crumble or become time-worn over the years, wine will only be getting more complex and fulfilling.


With all of the above mentioned, it all comes down to one thing. Stop whining and start wine-ing. You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy wine! And that’s kinda the same thing.