As our days spent in national lockdown head into triple digits, we have undoubtedly all had some time to think. If there has ever been a time when we all have something in common, it is definitely during this pandemic. It has impacted on us all. And though we do our best to ‘social distance’ and ‘sanitise’, it has touched us all in some way. But we will continue to soldier on bravely as we adapt to our new normal.

Speaking of adaptations, our tasting room is open for wine sales (only, no tasting) and our restaurant will be opening one of these days. Read more about the measures we’re putting in place below.  There’s also some exciting news about new vintage releases. Don’t miss your chance to score on free delivery, straight to your door!

In the mood for a juicy steak?

Our restaurant is open! Under the revised Level 3 lockdown measures B’s Stro at La Vierge was allowed to open from 29 June. What an exciting new development. So if you’ve missed sitting down to enjoy a steak straight off the grill or our famous onion, book your spot and come join us! A limited number of clients will be allowed inside as we will still observe social distancing of 1.5 m between tables. Therefore bookings are essential. Patrons will be required to wear masks upon entering the premises, sanitise and sign in. Our friendly staff members will also be wearing masks to help ensure everyone’s safety. Unfortunately you won’t be able to enjoy any alcohol with your meal as this is not yet allowed under the new regulations.

Wine will be available if you wish to purchase a bottle to take home with you. (Wine sold from the restaurant between Tuesdays – Thursdays.)

Restaurant Trading Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 11:00 to 16:00

Bookings: 028 313 2007

No tasting. Yet.

We are very grateful to be able to trade from our premises again. We are now allowed to conduct wine sales from our tasting room. Unfortunately, the La Vierge experience will not be exactly like it used to be, as tasting is still not allowed. We are doing our best to follow the rules as stipulated by government. And, in doing so, we hope to do our part to keep everyone safe. Remember, if you don’t live in the area, you can still purchase our wines online. Best of all, if you purchanse six bottles or more during lockdown, delivery is on us!

Here’s to you…

How far we’ve come over the last few months… We’re not ashamed to admit that we’ve experienced a rollercoaster of emotions – initial worry about the prohibition on the sale of alcohol and then sweet relief when the situation changed. We would like to express our sincerest gratitude for all the support we received over the lockdown period. Everything from messages of support, both locally and internationally, to the mountain of orders we were met with once the floodgates were allowed to open. We are not out of the woods just yet, so please keep the orders coming. With your continued support, we will see the end of these unprecedented times and get to clink our glasses together again.