The announcement that the prohibition of alcohol sales has been reinstated came as a surprise to many. We’re not going to lie, we are a little disappointed. But we are most definitely not going to let it get us down. We’ve come this far and, with the help of our loyal supporters, 2020 has still turned out to be a good year for us so far. So we will march onwards! We received some good news all the way from France. Scroll down to read about the great scores our wines attained in the Gilbert & Gaillard International Challenge. There’s also an update on what’s been happening on the farm and in our cellar. But most importantly, check out the discount on wines ordered during the lockdown. Get your orders in today!

We will raise a glass again

President Ramaphosa announced on Sunday night that the sale of alcohol is now once again prohibited. Though this means that we are unable to supply you with all of your favourite La Vierge wines at the moment, but we have a solution you will find very useful. In fact, it’s almost like present-you can purchase a lovely surprise for future-you. If you purchase any of our wines during the National Lockdown, you will not only get it at a 10% discount, we will also throw in free delivery… Right to your doorstep!

Good news all the way from France

These days we appreciate any good news, in whatever shape it may come! So when we received our results back on three of our wines tasted by the Gilbert & Gaillard panel, we were thrilled to hear that all three scores were above 90. The Gilbert & Gaillard International Challenge tastes and awards more than 10 000 wines per year. The blind tastings are conducted quarterly by a French tasting panel. Their annual wine guide has a readership of over 60 K people from the 167 000 copies distributed to wine stores, wine bars, 5 star hotels, luxury venues and gourmet restaurants. Just the kind of distinguished audience that appreciates our stellar wines. So without further ado, here are our fabulous results:

We are keeping busy

It might feel like things are coming to a standstill again now that harsher lockdown restrictions have been imposed again. But we are not letting that keep us from making sure that, come next year, there will be new vintages of all your favourite La Vierge wines. That is why our cellar is as busy as ever. We are putting the 2020 red vintages in barrels, blending new vintages and bottling wines as if nothing has changed! Though much quieter than during the frenzied harvest season, Babylon farm is also alive with activity. We have started our pruning cycle to ensure the best possible crop in 2021. The grapes might do their own growing, but we lay a lot of groundwork in order to get the superior quality produce the farm yields every year. Keeping busy with the day-to-day tasks that require our attention keeps our minds off the problems our country faces. It helps us to find a rhythm to each day, and in that we find comfort.