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All vouchers are priced at per person.

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Use this voucher in conjunction with the receipt to experience a wonderful wine tasting experience at La Vierge, Wines Of Desire.

Estate Wine Tastin
Taste any 4 of our estate range wines
Unwooded Chardonnay | Wooded Chardonnay | Sauvignon blanc | Riesling | Unwooded Pinot noir | Pinot noir | Sangiovese | Shiraz | Bordeaux blend 

Premium Wine Tasting
Taste 3 of our current vintage premium Apogée range wines
Chardonnay Pinot noir | Bordeaux blend 

Chardonnay Wine Tasting
Taste through 3 of our current vintage chardonnay wines 

Pinot Noir Tasting
Taste through 4 of our current vintage pinot noir wines 

Apogée Chardonnay Vertical Tasting
Enjoy 3 vintages in this Chardonnay vertical 

Apogée Pinot Noir Vertical Tasting R170
Enjoy 3 vintages in this Pinot noir vertical 

La Vierge Noir Vertical
Enjoy 3 vintages of our La Vierge Noir 

Terms and conditions: 1) Voucher is valid for 1 year from date of purchase. 2) Voucher cannot be exchanged for cash. 3) Voucher must be presented and given to the waiter/tasting room assistants. 4) Vouchers for tastings are only redeemable at Tasting Room. 5) Vouchers for the restaurant are only redeemable at the restaurant. 6) All vouchers are priced at per person.


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