Our Wines

La Vierge Offerings

We offer a stunning array of both red and white wines, each of which tells its own, unique story.


Our White Wines

Refreshing, crisp and elegant, makes our white wines enjoyable through all the seasons.

Fall in love with our Jezebelle Chardonnay, that will surprise you from the first, slow sip.

Our Original Sin Sauvignon Blanc has always been a firm favourite, capturing the beautiful characteristics of our terroir perfectly.

Should you wish to try something a little different, we can always tempt you with our Last Temptation Riesling.

Last but most certainly not the least The Apogée Chardonnay  is the ultimate expression of wine from La Vierge, the epitome of our efforts both in the vineyard and the winery.

All of our white wines are produced off of Shale and Clay based soils, which creates a beautiful richness in the wine that is complemented by the fruity expression of the grapes.


Our Red Wines

Our elegant red wine range is packed with unrivaled flavours; a selection that will give you the opportunity to experience a truly authentic taste sensation, suited to any palette.

Enjoy an aromatic and silky experience with our The Affair Pinot Noir or Seduction Pinot Noir, or, should you prefer a spicier, fruitier taste, our Anthelia Syrah or Apogée Pinot Noir would be our recommendation. Slowly sip and enjoy the classically styled and luxurious La Vierge Noir or try our rare and decadent Satyricon Sangiovese. For the wine lover that enjoys a bold, full flavoured taste, try our Nymphomane or Royal Nymphomane Bordeaux blend. With any of our sultry reds, you will be surprised with how easily our elegant wines seduce your senses.

All of our wines are available on site for your enjoyment and available online for future purchase.

Wine Tasting

Experience the La Vierge brand in the best way possible - with a memorable tasting overlooking the very earth that produced the wine you'd be enjoying. Complimented by the scenery, art, architecture and cuisine, a wine tasting with us is one that you won't soon forget.


“Came here after a big lunch for a chill in the most beautiful setting in the valley. Great and friendly service with awesome generous wine tastings. Grab a table on the deck and enjoy (!) the view!”

Nils N, Cape Town