The Sirtfood Diet, which consists of dark chocolate and red wine, is the latest diet that everyone is talking about in 2016. "Sirt rich foods" work by activating certain proteins in the body called Sirtuins. These Sirtuins are responsible for regulating the biological processes of the body such as aging, cellular death, inflammation, metabolism and it protects cells from dying when they are under stress.


According to researchers, Sirtfoods mimic the effects of fasting and exercise, which can increase the speed of weight loss, and offset the effects of junk food. The diet has attracted positive attention so far for its inclusion of red wine, especially pinot noir, dark chocolate that is at least 85% cocoa, as well as coffee, which should ideally be black. Other foods that are included in the Sirtfood Diet are blueberries, parsley, turmeric, walnuts, rocket, soy, green tea, celery, chili, kale and apples. Buckwheat, capers, extra virgin olive oil, turmeric and red onion are also classed as Sirt foods. Authors and nutritionists Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten trialed their healthy eating programme full of Sirtfoods on 40 gym-goers in London. Each of the participants lost 7lbs in seven days and reported higher levels of energy. The diet has already been a hit among sports-persons as well as nutritionists across the globe.


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