Now that all 153 days of January are finally over, we feel somewhat ready to return our “free sample” of 2021. Thankfully there is a glimmer of hope to take some courage from.  

We’re planning for another fantastic harvest, even though due to unpredictable weather, the timelines have shifted slightly. We’re rolling with it and will keep you updated on what’s going on behind the scenes on Babylon Farm. Read more below.

Another major reason to be excited is the addition of BRAND NEW Redemption Chardonnay to our repertoire. We’re absolutely thrilled! Read all about it (and how to get your hands on it) below.

We are raising our glasses high in celebration of the lifting of the alcohol ban. Cheers!

Great wine wishes –

The La Vierge Team

A great harvest of on the horizon

As long as healthy grapes adorn our vines, there is much hope for another fantastic vintage. And despite a very challenging year and (and growing season, more specifically), we are on track to have another exceptional harvest in our cellar in a few weeks.

A generous amount of fertilizer was applied to the vineyard during the springtime. This contributed to the general growth, strength and health of the vines. Some of the blocks even have better colour and bigger vigour than last season. We are confident that you will be able to taste the rich soil, the rain and the sun, as well as the crisp ocean breeze in the stellar wines these grapes are sure to produce. Keep an eye out for announcements of new vintages… Coming soon!

A leisurely Sunday filled with love

This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday. Though a Sunday isn’t often thought of as the most romantic day of the week, it affords one the opportunity to slow things down. To savour the treats a celebration of love brings; like shared meals, sweet treats and long loving stares. That is why we have a decadent celebration of love planned at our restaurant.

For bookings, call B’s Stro at La Vierge on 028 313 2007.

A new member of the family

It is with great pride that we welcome Redemption Chardonnay to our range of superior quality, yet surprisingly affordable wines. This full-bodied wine has excellent mouthfeel, infused with floral notes, crisp citrus and luscious white peach. Some may be surprised by the absence of any time spent in wooden barrels, but we reckon we know we’re onto something special here.

As the label says, this wine will make you ponder “journeys you are yet to embark on”. Let it take you by the hand and lead you to redemption.

Available online and directly from our Tasting Room.

Send an email to for more information.

Last, but certainly not least

Though it is the last of the batch of awards to arrive, it was still a very nice surprise to receive the results of the Gilbert & Gaillard International Challenge. Our 2019 Jezebelle Chardonnay received a score of 92 points. What a fabulous achievement… Well done, Team La Vierge!

Be prepared

If 2020 taught us anything, it is that we need to be prepared. Do not be caught without a stash of all your favourite La Vierge wines again!

Remember to make good use of the 10% discount on all the wines (except for the Apogée range) and, to further sweeten the deal, all orders placed during February will be delivered completely FREE of charge. Now doesn’t that sound like a bargain?

Hop over to our online shop right now to place your order.