What do you think of wine shows ?


One on Thursday night in Durban allowed some questions to be asked.

Those that pour, had mixed views. Some thought there was a limited interest in wine ; others felt it a fun and social night out was the order of the day . Some that there was interest in the relative difference between same brand wines and inter brand.

For the wine farm the view generally voiced is the need for exposure, the hope for sales thereafter and for owners, the hope for a break even on costs.

What though of the "punter" (you?). Last night there were long queues at the food counters and tight groups of happy friends.


Do you attend :


Because you learn? Because it's fun? Because it's a cheap drink? Because you intend to buy based on the tasting? Because you appreciate the effort those behind the tables put into the evening?

I am not sure the value of such an evening to either party so some genuine views would be appreciated. "The Showman"