Pairing a great wine with a similarly great dish is often at times a bit more tricky than one might think at first, which is why we have decided this month to write an article all about pairing particular dishes with the perfect wine companion. So lets dive right in!


Our first wine to be paired with its favorite dish is our Seduction Pinot Noir. This wine is perfect for  dishes with earthy flavours made with ingredients such as mushrooms, truffles, nuts and earthy greens. With its savoury depth, this wine goes down splendidly with most red meats as well as some gamier fowl and fish such as Tuna.

The second wine pairing is of course a local favourite since we live so close to the ocean. It is our Jezebelle Chardonnay 2015 and because we gave it away in the first line of this paragraph you must have guessed that it pairs well with fish. Particularly with fatty fish or fish in a rich sauce. Fish like salmon or any kind of seafood such as prawns or muscles in a lush sauce.

Last but not least is our Original Sin Sauvignon Blanc 2016. This wine loves to be paired with tart sauces and tangy foods such as scallops with grape fruit, roast duck in an orange sauce or a sun dried tomatoe and bacon salad. The aromatic tropical fruit and mineral character of this wine will not over power the senses but rather enhance the flavours of these dishes with its soft lemon grass follow through on the palate.


So the next time you are trying one of these three spectacular wines, why not give one of our pairing options a try and treat your palate to something magnificent! Not all palates are the same however, so use these examples as a guideline and find your ultimate food and wine combination that makes your palate feel like it just gone to heaven.

To lean more about our wines and  food pairings, download or our "Guide to Wine Pairings" brochure