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The winery was originally planned and designed by the Johnson family in 1997, but after the La Vierge family purchased it, extensive renovations began. Once the renovations were completed in early 2007, the architecturally exciting building became home to La Vierge and its wines. Today it boasts an extravagant tasting room and restaurant on the upper level, with a double volume winery on the north side. On the south side of the building we have the sunken maturation room with its uniquely aged barrels and high-tech processing machines.

To enter La Vierge, one needs to enter on an elevated walkway that takes you through the cellar and into the tasting room and restaurant. This gives you a clear insight into the activities of the cellar all year round. From the winemaking point of view, the winery is well designed and compact. We have carefully planned the layout of the stainless steel tanks in order to move quickly and easily whilst the harvest is in full swing. Of great importance is the variation in tank sizes which has given us great flexibility when handling the varied batches from our three vineyard sites.

Here we are able to monitor the identities and characteristics of the grapes through their receival, fermentation and maturation process from this maturation room – a definite perk with our building!

Below the winery is the cool, dark barrel cellar where wines are aged and matured in French oak barriques. A visit to the cellar will be greatly rewarding with exciting wines, amazing views and a warm, friendly team.