For most of us this year has held more surprises than we care to enjoy. It almost feels like it has been 5 years since 2020 began! Now we’re in the home straight and the countdown to Christmas is about to begin in earnest.

We’ve received another crop of award results and we could not be prouder! Read below about the star of the show, our 2018 Apogée Chardonnay. Also, if you’re looking to get your Christmas shopping out of the way early this year, read all about why Jezebelle would make the most fantastic gift for all your friends and family members.

Also, check out our brand new tractor. We’re quite excited about the latest addition to Babylon Farm.

 Until next time…

Great wine wishes –
The La Vierge Team

More celebrations!

Award season is still in full swing and we simply do not tire of hearing good news. Though we’re tremendously proud of all our results, we are thrilled by the results we’ve received for yet another exceptional Apogée Chardonnay vintage. You can get your own little piece of the magic – purchase the 2018 Apogée Chardonnay straight from our online shop.
2018 Apogée Chardonnay – 91 points (silver)
2016 La Vierge Noir – 88 points (bronze)
International Wine and Spirit Competition
2018 Apogée Chardonnay – 95 points (gold)
2015 Royal Nymphomane – 94 points (silver)
2015 Apogée Pinot Noir – Bronze
2016 La Vierge Noir – Bronze
Terroir Wine Awards
Our 2015 Apogée Pinot Noir was crowned the national winner at the 2020 Novare South African Terroir Wine Awards.
Merit Wine and Spirit Challenge
2017 Nymphomane – Double Award (Gold & Value)
2019 The Affair – Double Award (Gold & Value)
2018 Jezebelle – Double Award (Gold & Value)

Beguiled by a beautiful lady…

If you’ve recently seen’s Prescient Chardonnay Report, then you already know that our Jezebelle Chardonnay 2019 was included among the Top 10 in South Africa. We thought we’d take this opportunity to introduce you to delightfully bewitching wine. A perfect item to add to your Christmas shopping list – a gift anyone would love to receive!
An ocean breeze makes all the difference
The breezes that float through the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley, and all the way up to the Ridge where Babylon Farm is situated, regularly bring about sea mist and overcast conditions. These maritime elements reappear in the form of a pronounced, yet refreshing, minerality in the wine.
Perfect accompaniment to seafood
This mineral character is perfectly balanced with lime, stone fruit and floral flavours. It’s a delectable easy-drinking wine that compliments anything from a fish braai to a rich and creamy salmon dish. And, of course, it’s perfect for lazy Sunday afternoons around a cheese platter.
A stellar pedigree
Tim Atkin – 91 points (2020) & 90 points (2019)
Vitis Vinifera Awards 2019 – Gold
International Wine & Spirit Competition 2019 – Silver
Veritas Awards 2019 – Bronze
Visit the tasting room for a sneak peak of our soon the be released 2019 Jezebelle Chardonnay.

How did the farmer find his wife?

He tractor down. Forgive us the silly little joke – we’re really excited about the shiny John Deere 5076ef tractor that has just arrived at Babylon Farm. And it could not have arrived at a better time. “We’re so grateful for the new addition,” says Farm Manager Neill Gellatly, “we look forward to putting it to good use!” This lean-mean-green-machine is replacing an older tractor that is now peacefully enjoying its retirement.

The patch of land the new tractor is working on in the picture is Babylon Farm’s very own veggie garden. We supply our workers with a nutritious meal every day and soon they will be able to take surplus veggies home to their families. Keep an eye out – we’ll be sharing some pictures of the show-stopping veggies we’ve grown in future editions of our newsletter.

 Neill says they have not yet come up with a name for the new tractor (we suggested calling it The Hulk). Can you think of a catchy name for our tractor? Send us an email at

We have something delicious in store for you

We felt that 2020 was in dire need of some sparkle. So we asked the restaurant team to create a few truly spectacular tasting platters visitors to our restaurant and tasting room would enjoy. And goodness gracious… They really pulled out all the stops!
Garden of Eden Platter
Cajun chicken taco with Jezebelle Chardonnay
Strawberry and beetroot skewer with Seduction Pinot Noir
Mushroom cup with The Affair Pinot Noir
Beef skewer with Anthelia Syrah
Meatball with Nymphomane Bordeaux blend
Lost Paradise Platter
Cape Malay fish cake with Original Sin Sauvignon Blanc
Cajun chicken taco with Jezebelle Chardonnay
Aranichini with The Affair Pinot Noir
Abalone and octopus samoosa with Anthelia Syrah
Meatball with Nymphomane Bordeaux blend
These limited edition tasting platters are filling enough to serve as a light meal. The perfect accompaniment to a leisurely afternoon exploring the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley.
R185, including 5 wines, or R125 for the tasting platter only.
Available from 5 November 2020.
Reservations & inquiries: 028 313 2007

It’s not over yet

In an article for Save SA Wine, Michael Fridjhon – a highly regarded South African wine judge – says that South Africa could lose up to 90% of its wine producers over the next five years. The South African wine industry is in trouble and it needs your help.

We would like to, again, thank everyone who kept purchasing our wines throughout the ban on alcohol sales – it helped us keep things going. But now we need to ask another favour. Help us promote South African wines across the globe by ordering and sending them to your friends who live abroad. The #SaveSAwine campaign has done a great job of creating awareness and we ask each one of our fans to take up the torch and become an ambassador of South African wine.

Here are a few things you can do to help:

Use the #SaveSAwine hashtag on your social media posts about SA wines.
Ask your friends in other countries to support South African wine.
Keep visiting winery tasting rooms and purchasing local wines.