Welcome to a special edition of our fabulous newsletter. As the 2019 awards season comes to a close we’re still on a high after tall the great news owe received. We felt we needed to take the opportunity to tell you about the bumper crop of accolades we came home with, give a little background on the competitions we took par in and perhaps introduce you to a few of the award-winning La Vierge wines that you might not be familiar with yet. We’re especially proud of the 2019 Michelangelo Chardonnay Trophy.

Read on for details…

We are in such a festive mood that we’ve organised you a special 10% discount when purchasing any of our fabulous wines on Takealot.com. Read on to find out how you have scored!

Also remember to get your hands on tickets for the 2020 Pinor Noir Celebration, happening on 20-25 January Before they are all gone!

Great Wine Wishes
The Vierge Team

Award Focus
We haven’t quite come down to earth yet… We are still celebrating the tremendous award season that 2019 turned out to be for La Vierge wines. If you were not quite in the action, here’s a recap of the events.