As the 2019 awards season comes to a close we’re still on a high after all the great news we received. We felt we needed to take the opportunity to tell you about the bumper crop of accolades we came home with, give a little background on the competitions we took part in and perhaps introduce you to a few of the award-winning La Vierge wines that you might not be familiar with yet. We’re especially proud of the 2019 Michaelangelo Chardonnay Trophy. Read on for details.

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Award Focus

A Fantastic Harvest of Awards!

We haven’t quite come down to earth yet… We are still celebrating the tremendous award season that 2019 turned out to be for La Vierge wines. If you were not quite in on the action, here’s a recap of the action.

6th annual Gold Wine Awards
We love taking part in the Gold Wine Awards. It is a consumer-judged competition with its main aim to award gold medals to wines of exceptional value to the consumer. The catch? Wines that take part in this competition have to sell for less than R130. Challenge accepted!

  • Gold – 2018 Original Sin Sauvignon Blanc
  • Gold – 2017 Seduction Pinot Noir

2019 Vitis Vinifera Awards
The panellists of this competition are all lovers of grape-derived products like wine and spirits. They represent members of the public who will spend their time and money in the Winelands and therefore wines are judged by their quality, but also their value for money.

  • Gold – 2018 Jezebelle Chardonnay
  • Gold – 2018 Original Sin Sauvignon Blanc
  • Gold – 2018 The Affair Pinot Noir

Tim Atkin Report
This prestigious report from (perhaps the most well-known) wine master needs very little introduction. Used a global industry-wide benchmark, we hold our collective breaths every year before the results are released.

  • 95 points – 2017 Apogée Chardonnay
  • 92 points – 2015 Apogée Pinot Noir
  • 92 points – 2014 Royal Nymphomane
  • 90 points – 2018 Jezebelle Chardonnay

International Wine & Spirit Competition
This prestigious competition has been recognising and rewarding the very best wines and spirits in the world for half a century! They truly set an international benchmark for quality with 400 global experts judging the entries submitted.

  • Gold – 2017 Apogée Chardonnay
  • Silver – 2015 Apogée Pinot Noir
  • Silver – 2018Jezebelle Chardonnay
  • Silver – 2015 La Vierge Noir Pinot Noir

Veritas Awards
The Veritas Awards is the longest-running wine and brandy competition in South Africa, dating back to 1991. An authoritative and credible competition for South Africa’s best wines.

  • Double Gold – 2018 The Affair Pinot Noir
  • Silver – 2016 Nymphomane
  • Bronze – 2018 Jezebelle Chardonnay
  • Bronze – 2014 Royal Nymphomane
  • Bronze – 2016 Anthelia Syrah

Michelangelo International Wine & Spirit Awards
This competition remains unique in South Africa, in that all judges are hand-picked wine experts, representing all seven continents. Now in its 24th year, this competition is instrumental in helping local wine and spirits producers to target international markets.

  • Gold – 2015 Apogee Pinot Noir
  • Silver – 2015 La Vierge Noir

Platter’s Wine Scores
Platter’s is a wine assessment to guide consumers, rather than a competition. Wines that score 93 points and up in the first round are re-tasted in a Five Star taste-off where small panels of experts assess all these wines blind to find the best of the best. The highest-rated wines have therefore undergone multiple rounds of stringent tasting and are truly exceptional.

  • Apogée Pinot Noir 2015, ★★★★✩, 94 Points
  • Apogée Chardonnay 2017, ★★★★✩, 93 Points
  • Jezebelle Chardonnay 2018, ★★★★✩, 93 Points
  • Royal Nymphomane 2015, ★★★★✩, 91 Points
  • Anthelia Syrah 2017, ★★★★, 88 Points
  • La Vierge Noir 2016, ★★★★, 87 Points
  • Nymphomane 2017, ★★★★, 87 Points
  • The Affair 2018, ★★★★, 87 Points
  • Satyricon Sangiovese, ★★★★, 87 Points
  • Original Sin 2018, ★★★★, 86 Points
  • The Last Temptation Riesling 2017, ★★★✩, 84 Points
  • Seduction 2018, ★★★✩, 84 Points
  • Seduction 2017, ★★★✩, 84 Points

The 2019 Michaelangelo Chardonnay Trophy

This wine was awarded the trophy by 28 international judges because all its peers paled by comparison: it had the highest score of all entries in its class. Be humbled in its presence.” – Michaelangelo International Wine & Spirit Awards