Wine is often perceived as a fussy thing, but it doesn't have to be. Sure, different flavors may go better with different foods, but in the end everyone's palate is different, and there's no reason you need to be a sommelier-in-training to order a decent wine with your meal. This article has made it a little easier to guide you through our wine selections when visiting our beautiful restaurant in the stunning Hemel en Aarde Valley. Keep in mind that everyone's palate is different so take this guide with a pinch of salt and let us know which wines you prefer with one of the dishes you have tried at our restaurant. 


So lets dive right in and find out which food best pairs with each of our wines.


Original Sin Sauvignon BlancLa Vierge Asparagus Starter

Using a blend of yeasts and the intrigue achieved with the portion of Semillon, it shows concentrated tropical melon and pear drop, with a hint of lemongrass character and a full mineral follow through on the palate. This fruity wine pairs well with hard and soft cheese platters, fresh oysters, shellfish, delicate fish, fresh vegetable dishes and mild vinaigrettes.


Jezebelle Chardonnay La Vierge Fish Dish

The profile of this wine is based on the vines planted on a variation of Shale and Clay based soils. The wine, therefore, expresses the zip and texture of the clay on the palate and aromatic lime, white floral and stone fruit, mineral character on the nose making it perfect for any fish especially fatty fish such as salmon as well as most kinds of seafood in a rich creamy sauce.


Last Temptation Riesling 

Our Riesling is from shy-bearing vineyards that are situated in Hemel en Aarde Ridge. The wine is a true reflection of the potential of the unique terroir of our La Vierge Farm. Enjoy this crisp Alsace-style
wine with, spicy and perfumed stir fry’s as well as a variety of eastern dishes and salads.


Seduction Pinot Noir: 

On the eye, she has a clear, bright red hue with a purple tint. On the nose, she delivers ripe succulent raspberries and cherries with a hint of warm spiciness. This makes our Seduction Pinot Noir perfect to enjoy with tapas, snacks, cheese platters and light meals like our Asparagus Starter for an example. To show her true delicate nature, serve slightly chilled.


The Affair Pinot Noir

The Affair Pinot Noir is a refined style of Pinot Noir showcasing the love affair between the soft, feminine side of Pinot, being the floral notes, hints of spice and silkiness; and the masculine linear strength of the tannins, hints of oak and brooding dark forest floor aromas. Enjoy this wine with tapas, cheese platters and light meals. To show her true delicate nature, served slightly chilled.


Satyricon Sangiovese/Barbera

This wine shows the gamey tea leaf character of Sangiovese, the red fruit and spice of the Nebbiolo and the bright cherry fruit character of the Barbera. Enjoy this traditional Italian variety wine with creamy pasta, earthy mushroom risottos and a variety of hard and soft cheese platters.


Athelia Shiraz

This elegant expression of cool climate Syrah exhibits soft plum, dark cherry and complex spicy notes of pepper, cinnamon, cloves and crushed coriander. The palate is full and lush, broad on entry and rich in dark fruits. The intense, fruity wine that comes from the Syrah grape pairs well with all red meats, barbeque flavours, dark chocolate and a variety of fruit.


Nymphomane Bordeaux Blend

This wine shows the balanced and structured contribution of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc with the fruity flesh from the Malbec.This wine expresses the typical Cabernet Sauvignon profile of blueberry and mulberry, while the Cabernet Franc shows floral and subtle dried herb characters which make's it the perfect companion for dishes with rich earthy flavours. Enjoy this wine with all red meats, venison and a variety of hard and soft cheese platters.


La Vierge Noir

This wine shows cool-climate poise and elegance with an earthy and bright fruit character.This vintage expresses the typical earthy and savoury aroma of this fine Burgundy variety and is backed by a red fruit character making this wine pair splendidly with a rich mushroom risotto, a wide range of roast game, cream-based pasta and a variety of hard and soft cheese platters.


With these suggestions or rather shall we say, guidlines, come visit our restaurant and put your taste buds to the test. Remember to ask your watron for any suggestions or questions you may have.

For information about our wines and other useful tips you can view or download our Wine Pairing Guide