Over the last month or so the teams from our Tasting Room and Restaurant have been feverishly working on a special project. Sometimes there were secret meetings, other times there were debates and then, finally, there were tastings. What on earth are we on about; you may be asking yourself… Our brand new winter tasting platters, of course! They are finally here and we’re super excited to tell you all about them.

What can possibly be better than winter comfort food?
During the cold and wet winter months, no one denies indulging in comfort food. We snuggle under blankets, light cosy fireplaces and… We eat. From pastas, pancakes and chocolates, to hearty soups and decadent desserts, all the way to good old-fashioned recipes like bobotie and pumpkin fritters. We all have our go-to dishes that warm us up inside. And to emulate that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when eating your favourite winter dishes, we decided to launch two limited edition winter wine and food tasting platters. Read on for details about each platter!

La Vierge Original Sin Platter
The Original Sin Platter

Platter 1: Original Sin Platter
Not only is this platter an absolute delight on your taste buds, it’s also a truly delicious vegetarian-friendly option. (We’re convinced you won’t even notice the absence of the meat!) This platter is distinguished from its counterpart by the inclusion of our beautiful Original Sin Sauvignon Blanc, paired with a fresh bite-sized Caprese Salad. The fresh basil and tomato flavours mingle beautifully with the richness and fullness of the wine. You’ll still be savouring these flavours when it comes time to tuck into a creamy Valley Mushroom Cup, expertly paired with our The Affair Pinot Noir. No surprise that this wine has been paired with a mushroom dish as it’s described as having “brooding dark forest floor aromas”. And if this doesn’t have your taste buds singing yet, just wait… Next up is a creamy butternut soup paired with our Anthelia Syrah. You’ll be phoning a friend to tell them about this experience. Guaranteed.  Read about the Jezebelle platter for more info on the last item that features on both platters.

La Vierge Jezebelle Platter
The Jezebelle Platter

Platter 2: Jezebelle Platter
The Valley Mushroom cup mentioned above features here too, but what sets this platter apart from the Original Sin Platter is the inclusion of our renowned Jezebelle Chardonnay. This temptress of a single-cultivar beauty is paired with a spoonful of bobotie that will make you miss your mother’s cooking. The aromatic lime and delicately floral flavours of this stunning wine, combined with the sweet and spicy flavours of the bobotie, will set off fireworks in your mouth. Then, instead of pairing the Anthelia Syrah with butternut soup, as we did for the Original Sin Platter, we mix things up a little and pair it with a rich and decadent duck liver pâté on a mini pita instead. (You’ll be wishing you could have another of these, we promise.) Both platters finish with a dollop of hummus on a mini pita paired with our stylish Bordeaux blend, Nymphomane. The deep berry flavours of this wine, perfectly balanced with a subtle dried herb undertone, will leave you feeling as satisfied as when you’ve had a three course gourmet meal.

Just a few details
Both of the tasting platters will consist of 4 mouth-watering sampling dishes, paired with four of our award-winning wines, at R95 each. The platters will be served from Friday, the 17th of May until the end of the winter season. For bookings, call our Tasting Room team on 028 313 0130 today.

Have you visited our Tasting Room?
Those already familiar with the cosy atmosphere in the La Vierge Tasting Room need no further introduction. But if you are a first time visitor, you really are in for a treat. Come relax on our deck overlooking the most beautiful spot on earth – the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley – while sipping on our award-winning wines. (Added bonus, on a clear day you can even see the ocean in the distance!) Our dedicated team of tasting room assistants will make sure you have a wine tasting experience you will want to tell all your friends about.

The view from the La Vierge Tasting Room
The view from the La Vierge Tasting Room

Have lunch while you’re here
Make an occasion out of your visit and stay a little longer. Enjoy a delicious meal at B’s Stro at La Vierge, famous for its ridiculously tasty onion starter and succulent steaks. Visit the restaurant’s page on our website to see the latest menu and for booking information. We can’t wait to welcome you here for a visit!