winter wines


Winter is right around our corner so when you feeling the chill in your bones, reach for the right wine to warm you up!


We all know we move a little slower in the winter which is why its a great time to kick back by the fire place, enjoy some wintery warm soup and of course a winters warming glass of wine. In winter its more likely you will select a lush, fruity and rich wine instead of a lean and minerally one. These wines are great because they have that cozey up to the fire pace instead of the breezy easy-drinking version. One thing I always remember  when selecting a winter wine that will help you cope with the cold and give you that warm fuzzy feeling is that its all about the layers.


Think of wines that have layers, like the amount of blankets you would be under when the middle of winter hits. Wines that have texture have a lot of dimensions to them in terms of aroma and taste. You get the sense that there's more to it than just two sniffs. In the winter, older wines often develope smokey, honey aromas over their time in the bottle. Just sitting around the fire place with a slow steady glass of rich fruity wine gives you all the time in the world to sniff back those layers and discover a wine in a whole new way.


Whether you focus on texture, smell, or taste, winter is the opportunity to take your time and admire each layer in your glass.